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How we work:


What is involved in the process of creating a website?
Once your business or organization has decided that it would like to stake a claim on the information superhighway, our web designers go to work developing a unique looking navigation for your site. Properly designed navigation includes graphics that allow anybody to effectively find what they are looking for on your site.

After you have approved the "look" of your site, our designers will fill the pages of your site with the information that will make your site a functional public relations piece for you business or organization. Finishing touches are then added to create a well rounded website.


What is the role of the Hosting Server?
Once your site has been designed and your URL registered, it must be stored on a server so people on the World Wide Web can access it. This requires renting space from a vendor to provide this service. The Web Authors Guild offers its own server hosting for web sites. We offer inexpensive hosting with no setup fees. The average cost of hosting on another vendor's server is around $40.00 a month plus an initial setup fee. Our hosting prices are lower and can be obtained by Contacting Us .


What is the timeframe for creating a website?
Most websites can be completed in 2 to 3 weeks. This timeframe may differ depending on how quickly a client can gather together the information they would like to have on their site. A site may also take a little longer depending on the schedule of the designers (and many times we have a list of clients waiting for site development).
All of our members are students at Augustana College who balance a full course load and the responsibilities of membership in the Augustana Web Authors Guild.

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