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About us:

The Guild is advised by Doug Tschopp, Augustana's Director of Marketing, and is run by student leaders:

  • Holly Scholl - President


Though the Web Guild constantly strives to emulate a modern web development firm through its dedication to quality design, the group has never lost touch of one of it's founding missions: to educate and enlighten the community in and around Augustana College about the incredible diversity and power of the internet.

The Web Guild currently works towards this goal through two initiatives:

  • Incredibly discounted web design for non-profit organizations, and;
  • Free seminars on web authoring available to all Augustana College students and faculty.

The Augustana Web Guild was founded in the spring of 1997 by a group of Augustana College students. Originally chartered as a mere student organization, the Guild has grown rapidly into a full model corporation.

Under the careful superivison of Augustana College's Director of Marketing, the students set out to explore the career field offered by the rapidly developing world wide web. That core of founding students was responsible largely for past incarnation of Augustana College's web site , which has been ranked among the finest higher education web sites in the United States.

In the spring of 2000 the founding members of the Web Guild graduated, turning the leadership of the organization over to a new generation of talented young web designers. Shortly thereafter the new leaders prepared to move the guild from a mere web design firm to a full fledged web portal.

The Augustana Web Guild also started an endowed scholarship at Augustana College. The Entrepreneurial Scholarship has been helping support Augustana entrepreneurial student since 2009.

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There is no denying that the Internet has revolutionized our modern society. All at once, the world wide web offers the forum for a free exchange of thoughts, a universal communication tool, and the widest means for advertising available. Whether your organization is a small rural church, or a large corporation, it is undeniable that the Internet is the perfect medium for communication in our modern world.

The Augustana College Web Author's Guild is proud to offer one of the most unique and powerful tools to the Quad Cities and beyond: the means to communicate your message not merely locally, but globally.

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