The first decade of the 20th century was one of growth, modernization, and gathering strength for Augustana. It also demonstrated a historical spirit on the part of the college, as it was during this time that April 17th began to be celebrated as Founder's Day in honor of the early leaders of Augustana. President Andreen set out to raise money in an attempt to build an endowment for the college. Student organizations and sports continued to grow, and their activities were regularly reported in the campus newspaper. In the Observer one could follow the successes of ace pitcher Donald Gustafson, who struck out 100 men in seven baseball games, and the growth of debating and Swedish-language clubs. Modern life also encroached upon the college as Rock Island paved both 38th Street and 7th Avenue around Augustana.

June 1901
Gustav A. Andreen is elected fourth president of Augustana College, following the death on May 12, 1900 of President Olsson. An 1881 graduate of Augustana, Andreen received a doctorate from Yale in 1898.
October 21, 1901
The Wennerberg Male Chorus is formed at a meeting called by A. S. Hamilton at the request of President Andreen. Andreen wishes the chorus to participate in a December festival honoring the popular Swedish composer Gunnar Wennerberg.
December 1902
First issue of the Augustana Observer, the student newspaper. The issue includes various Christmas-related essays, college news, and reports on athletics and the activities of societies and clubs.
February 26, 1904
Augustana participates in its first intercollegiate debate, against Luther College. The question for the debate is "resolved, that the strenuous life of to-day is detrimental to the American people"; Augustana argues the affirmative. Luther wins in a 2-1 decision by the judges. The Observer does not report whether the three Augustana debaters are members of the campus debating clubs, the Webster Debating Club (in existence since February 1902) and the Gladstone Debating Club (in existence since 1893).
June 1905
The synod bans intercollegiate contests in baseball, football, and basketball in response to concerns about injuries and competitiveness. The action is deplored by many students, who fear it will have a negative effect on college life and spirit.
SPD Tennis Club in 1910
Founding of Sigma Pi Delta, the "Speeds," the first sorority on campus. The Speeds are members of the tennis club who have decided to form a social sorority. They get their name from their agility on the court.
January 18, 1909
The sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Denkmann will give Augustana a library building in memory of their parents, President Andreen announces. The cost is to be no less than $100,000. This will be the first stand-alone library on the campus.

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