gathered from The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I-III, edited by the Dept. of War office, Washington: Government Printing Office, 1880-1902.

06/19/1861 - Gould D. Molineaux began his diary

06/22/1861 - Molineaux sworn in United States Service as volunteer at the rank of Corporal into the 8th Ills Infantry, Co. E, in Cairo, IL

08/23/1861 - Col. Richard J. Oglesby in Cairo, IL [I.4.177]

09/03/1861 - Col. R.J. Oglesby in command of 8th Ills Infantry [I.3.151]

09/06/1861 - 5 companies of 8th Ills sent to Paducah, KY, to return by same boat which took Smith's regiment [I.4.198]

09/07/1861 - order of 9/06/1861 superseded, Col. R.J. Oglesby's troops remained in Paducah, KY [I.4.256]

09/10/1861 - moved 8 mi. below Norfolk, MO, engagement between gunboats, Union victory, Col. R.J. Oglesby commanding [I.3.169]

09/26/1861 - Norfolk, MO, skirmish at Hunter's Farm, near Belmont, MO, under Capt. Stewart, Col. R.J. Oglesby [I.3.197]

10/14/1861 - District Southeast Missouri, 2nd Brigade, 8th Ills, Col. R.J. Oglesby commanding [I.3.533]

11/03/1861 - embarked from Bird's Point, MO, 8th Ills, Lt. Col. Frank L. Rhoads commanding, landed at Commerce, MO skirmish at Stringer's Ferry, Dr. John M. Phipps, assistant surgeon

marched to Bloomfield, MO [I.3.256]

11/12/1861 - returned to Bird's Point, MO, under Col. R.J. Oglesby [I.3.256]

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