Basil H. Messler Diary, page 8

March 27 - April 2, 1864

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Sabath Morning 27 went out to hunt the 7 Cav Boys in co with N.C.B. & J.R.M. walked till 11 A.M. but could not find them then I called for Oysters and we eat and ware Much revived and again started out and Met the Non Vet, portion[sic] comming through town Brother Nathan with them he recognised me and Spoke from the ranks, and then rode out too[sic] us we went on to camp seen the other Boys Spent a couple of Hours then wen to the Non Vet. Camp and spen a Hour or more there Brother went up to town with us and we took Supper and returned to camp.

Monday 28th Spent the day in Camp Brother Nathan came in and Staid all evening and all night.

Tuesday 29th left Fort Pickering and Marched to the River got aboard the Steamer Superior Bound for Vixburg took Dinner left Memphis at 4 P.M.

Wednesday 30th on the river nothing of importance occuring.

Thursday 31st at 12 noon Vixburg whove[sic] in sight and we landed at one P.M. reported to Head Quarters and were ordered to report to Capt Brow[sic] on B.J.Adams and we there took Dinner had quite a Hail Storm that evening.

Friday Apr 1st N.C.G. & I Sadded[sic] up a couple Horses took a ride through town and over the Breast Borks[sic] in the rear of Vixburg and returned through the city to the boat.

Saturday 2nd The U S Steamer John Raine came and we Mooved from the Adams to the Raine that evening. took on some forage that evening for the Horses and was taken up on the Co Borks[sic] of Co. C. Cap. D. F. Brow Commanding &C...