Basil H. Messler Diary, page 7

March 24-26, 1864

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Thursday Morning 24 in Ashley at sunrise layed over two hours for the up train got breakfast out a citticens[sic] House where the[sic] had a logfire Breakfast was good went to Hotell Kept by old Copper Head who would not give any of the Boys Breakfast. There made a raise of 2 Lamps Box of Blacken & Brush and a new wisp all of which I thought would come Handy on the Boat and so thought N.C.G. who was in company with me all morning left there at 8 A.M.passed through Some Barren Country Huge Stones and then tall timber came in Sight and Steam Sawmills anything but what looked interesting or lovely arrived at Cairo at 4 P.M. was left in charge of the sick till the Ambulance came and T.D.M. of Co. C.M.M.B. was taken to the Pest Hospitle Suposed to have the Small Pox Then returned to the Squad found them on the warf[sic] got Baggage aboard U.S.Mail Steamer Belle St. Louis and then the troops came on left Cair[sic] at 8 P.M. took Supper on Board the Boat Slept in the cabbin[sic].

Friday 25th passed Island No. 10 New Madris Fort Pillon and a few other hard looking plases run 2 fellows out of there Beds that night and got a good Sleep and so did a friend of mine arrived at Memphis at 1 oclock in the night but I did not know it till Morning.

Saturday Morning 26 at Memphis N.C.G. & Myself took a walk up town before sun up heard the Spring Birds whistling and singing there morning praise and everything showed signs of spring returned to boat were ordered to Fort Pickering went there at about 9 A.M. N.C.G. & Myself went to the Post Sutlers got a good warm Breakfast I offered to Pay for it they said we should go below and setle so we did I paid N.C.G. 50 cts for my My Breakfast and he Paid me 50 cts for his Breakfast and it was settled. I went up to see about the Baggage wrote letter to R.E.H. returned went up again in the afternoon to see 7 Cav. saw Co. D and several of the Boys I knew got so[sic] clean close[sic] and returned to the Fort &C..