Basil H. Messler Diary, page 6

March 19-22, 1864

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Saturday 18[sic]th Camp McClelands all day got a pass for 30 Men to go to Theater took 26 or rather started with that many and after theater had them fall in and March back to Camp 16 did loss of 10 But all on hand in the morning But some of them res[sic] the Guard House for not comming back with the Squad &C..

Sabath 21 in camp wrote letters to W.A.M., M.E.M. & R.E.H. Took an extra Dinner at 3 P.M. in Barrack J which was excelent. Several made remarks in Behalf of the Dinner and the Boys who got-it-up &C .....

Monday 21st regular pay day went to town with the Boy's was put in for guide and had them to see to got our pay and returned to Camp in the evening quite tired eat supper and retired.

Tuesday 22nd in Camp in the forenoon went to town with N.C.G. & J.R.M. done considerable of trading and packed My Trunk for trading Went to LeClair House took Supper Started away without my over coat "Than" reminded Me of it. Went in and got It and over took the Boy's went to Theater returned to Camp where all was quiet.

Wednesday 23th left Camp in company with 600 recruits was appointed Baggage Master of M.M.B. Squad got all Baggage Checked and aboard took train 9 P.M.[sic] took dinner at Bureau Junction at 2 A.M. got T.D.M. Cup of Coffee. Kept the cup saucer and Silver Spoon as I would of had to of paid for My Dinner and the Coffee Both if I had of gone back so Back I decident[?] went. got to Laselle[sic] at 5 A.M. left 5 A.M. Bound for Cairo T.D.M. quite sick with the Measles took Supper at Wapella and got 5 eggs &C... extra 10 that night,lost my glove borrowed a Boy[sic] lantern to hunt it. got the lantern yet it will come good on the Boat &C...