Basil H. Messler Diary, page 5

March13-18, 1864

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Camp McClleland, March 13th 64
Sabath March 13, in camp nothing of importance. Barrack inspection By com. officers I wrote 3 Letters one to W.A.M. one to E.F.M. and one to R.E.H. went to German Theater in the evening returned to camp at 2 oclock, retired

14th Monday all quiet in Camp. Went to Town in the evening went to the Missionary Baptis[sic] Church heard a Lecture returned to Hotel put-up for the night in room 83 -

Tuesday March 15th much excitment in camp caused by the 15th Reg. In. Vet. Vol.had returned and stacked there arms and ware going Home Brothers Meating Brother Sons Meating Fathers & Friend Meating Friend as a general thing the the Veterans looked well and being in good whack[sic] helped the matter some. Went to town in the evening Spent the evening with some friends then went to the Pa. Hotel none of the Boys there went on to East Davenport. Met "Than" on the way going Home with Mollie. Found Jake at a Dance whare I considered not a very healthy plase from all appearances Told Jake to get his things and we would go to camp But his dress coat and Blanket were Both Stolen So he picked up a New Inft. overcoat and we went on to camp.

Wednesday 16th in camp all day nothing for doing went the Grand round with "Than" at 8 P.M. and we retired for the night &C...

Thursday 17th in camp forenoon went to town With "Gwan"[?] and returned to camp in the evening.

Friday 18th Cold and disagreeable Staid in camp all day and evening also.