Basil H. Messler Diary, page 59

January 24-30, 1865

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24th went to the river to see the Boys of[sic] and so also see Capt Brown and then went to the Hospitle in the evening and had a good time with my Hps Friends &C..

25 All Quiet at the commissary and Board good

26 went to the C.C. Rooms and spent Several Housrs very pleasantly

27 At the Commissary all day and Capt Well's Well's wife died at 4 P.M. and I went to the Hospitle and staid all night with Charley Freeborn I was to the C.C.R. and eat some good cake with Wyman

28th Got up to late to get any Breakfast So had to do with out and at 10 P.M.[sic] I got a Dimes worth of Butter and a Lofe[sic] of Hot Bread and Set down to eating it and the Boys gathered round and Helped Me. Went to the C.C.R. at 1:30 P.M. and went with Mrs. Wyman to the 50 M.S.C. Reg to see Col. Gilchrist &C.. made candy in the evening &C..

29 Rose early, wrote a Letter to Sister Mary and Then Brother Jake came and we took the Letter down and But[sic] it in the Mail on the Steamer Poline Carroll then spent the day very Quiet and pleasant as it was a Beautifull day. we went to the Hospitle in the evening and Jake Staid with Charly Free Born

30th Rose early and eat Breakfast then mucked round till Dinner then went to the C.C.R. and while there I Bid good By to J.O.G. Gorrell and so also got 50 Small Books of Miss Bissle so went the Day and then I wrote in the evening for amusemen and one thing another