Basil H. Messler Diary, page 58

January 12-23, 1865

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12th The Marine Reg turned over there Arms and equipments and Brother Jake came and took Supper with Me and spent the evening with me and we had a good visit went to the C C Meeting Room

13th I again went out to the Reg and returned to town wrote a Letter to Miss E.A. Lintz and was to the Christian Communtion[sic]

14 In town all day visited the C.C.M.R.

15 Sabath and a Beautiful day and Brother Jake Came and spent the day with Me and we had a walk in the fore noon to the Dept and in the afternoon we went down to the Levy and went a Board the old U S Steamer John Raine and met with many good old friends such as Capt Pilots and other of the Old Steamers inmates and all appeared natural &C..

16th Spent the Day in laying round the Commissary got a Letter from Sister M D M & Brother M B B & wrote to Sister

17 Went out to the Reg. spent a couple of Hours and then returned to town and in the after noon Co. G. was mustered out of the U.S. Servis By Capt Dusussie &C..

18th No news only Co G was paid off

19 went to the Court House and Seen Capt Fisher and to the C.C.R.s

20 All quiet and the Brigade is gradualy going out &C.. and then Boy's take the first Steamer up the River

21 At the commissary and doing well visited the C.C. to day had a chat with Miss Livings on the subject of Religion visited the Hospitle in the evening &C..

22nd Sabath Brother Jake came down to see me we Spent the day very pleasant we made taffy and it was good

23rd Anxious to we[sic] Mustered out But are oblige to wate another week yet to accomodate the webfeet[sic] of our Regment or Co. &C.. Bording[sic] at the Commissary wrote a Leter[sic] to Father