Basil H. Messler Diary, page 57

January 3-11, 1865

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3rd was not allowed a pass to leave the Hospitle so I contented myself the Best I could

4th Got a pass came down town staied all day and returned at 6:30 P.M. and received My Discharge from the Hospitle and staid all night in Busy[sic] Pennington Street Drew clothing P Boots 4 shirts 2 P socks

5th Left the Hospitle and reported to the Commissary for Duty Spent the day very easy as it rained all day..

6th Changed Bording[sic] plases and also assorted out some Good Books and took them to C.Commission rooms &C.. Drew a Pair of Boots for BrotherJ.R.M.

7th Doing Nothing But acting the Gentleman rambled down a long the River in the fore noon and in the after noon went to the Christian Commission Rooms and turned The Books over to the Chaplin in charge as he was not there the day before &C..

8th All Quiet done Nothing in the forenoon Visited the Boy in Hospitle in the afernoon[sic] and wrote a Letter to Brother John in the evening was not so well to day as usual So also I was Ordered By C.C. Washburn Gen Com. Dep. to report to My Reg. for duty went to Hospitle Qt Mast office and drew a Pair of Boods[sic] and 5 Pair of Socks &C..

9 Monday it rained all day and I staid in the Commissary as quiet as you please

10th I went out to the Reg. and reported to Lieutenant Ellott[sic] and was sent Back to My Plase of Rendesvous the Commissary

11 In town all day got 4 Letters one from N.C.G. One from A.C.G. one from E.A. Lintz and one from Brother W.A.M. and answered A.H.G.'s and went to the Hospitle and while there Brother Jake came to see me and get his new Boots I drew for him &C..