Basil H. Messler Diary, page 56

December 30, 1864-January 2, 1865

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31st was down town all day and in the evening I got some of the ardent[sic] for the Boys and they had a good time over it and I read in a Novilet[sic] till 10 oclock so ended the last Day of the year of 1864 &C.. &C.. Read 4 Soliers[sic] Pomess[sic] (I sowed[sic] some on my Jacket also

Jan 1st Got up at 7 A.M. and mad[sic] my Bed washed combed My Head and whiskers Eat Breakfast Read the reminder of the Novilet that I had been reading at the Night before. Then the Dr. came round and wished to Know how I felt I told him I felt like Drinking a Bottle of Porter Wine So he sent me whiskey and I Burnt it up I then went dow[sic] to the commissary and took Dinner with the Boys and it was a good Dinner and in the evening I went to hospitle wrote a Letter to Sister Mary

" 2nd wrote a Letter to J.B.M. of Island No.2 and then went down town and Rec. a letter from Sister Mary spent the day in lounging round and to day the order was Issued by Maj. Gen Washburn for Capt to muster out the Miss. Marine Brigade I cam down after some Ardent in the evening (I also presented the Christian Commution[sic] with three Books and they Presented me a Pair of slippers and Then I wrote for amusement &C.. So also the Colored Population had a grand Celebration of the the 2nd Anaversary of there Freedom it was a Black Cloud[sic] in the streets and it kept in Motion all day a glorious day for the Darkies &C.. &C..