Basil H. Messler Diary, page 55

December 18-30, 1864

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Dec 18 Sabath had in spection Had a severe head ache and chill and at noon had to vomit and sent for the Dr and got some more Powders and Pills and kept my Bed and was very sick it is raining

19 Monday Morning two Boxes of Pills and they salivated me considerabl[sic] Still raining

20 The same continued and yet raining

21 No Pills But a Mouth wash windy

22 The same continued and I got a pas[sic] to go to town and it was quite cold and kept clos[sic] to the fire.

23 Stade in the Hospitle all day

24 Cam It rained all day Went down town and was to the New Restorant[sic] took dinner and supper there

25 Chismas[sic] was in Hospitle till after Dinner we had Chicken Soop[sic] at 1 P.M. and after that I went down town and returned and was to the Convalesent Dinner a 3:30 P.M. it was composed of rosted[sic] Pork Beef Ham and Pies cakes Pudings and and[sic] other good things so I spent Chistmas and at 6 P.M. I had a Dish of Custard &C..

26th Staid in Hospitle till Night Then went down town in company with M.C. Mahue

27 went down town took Supper with Capt Wells

28 went to the Commissary got a Letter from W.W. Stewart with good News in it &C..

29 was down town all day took supper with Capt Wells and wrote a letter to N.C.G. and send a New Years Present to Miss Malissie Spencer of Canton Ills.

30th Got a Pass and went down town and got the News in the Memphis Argus that the Miss Marine Brdge ware to be mustered out of the Servis forth with and returned to the Hospitle to a late Supper &C.. I received a Letter from Sister I favor Brother Jake & one from Brother N R Mes