Basil H. Messler Diary, page 54

December 10-17, 1864

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Dec 10th Dr came round let me see your Tongue I lolled it out at him at a distance of ten pases[sic] he ejackulated[sic] then with a nod and comenced scribbling and cours[sic] of half an hour in came the Pill Man Bed 2 Pills 4 hour (5 hours) I gaberey[sic] the Box put it in my Pocket took my cap and walked out for my health went to the commissary got an orde[sic] for a Furlow of the Capt. went to the Post Sutler got ten cents worth of apples 2 small ones some larger than the Pill But not as large as the Box Cawed[sic] them up had Dinner and went to Dr. Bumpsted and was exammed and he said I had the General disability and wrote Recomend a furlow if he had the power &C....

11th Sabath Morning Handed Maj Statton the capt request concerning the Furlow and he and 6 others looked at me and said They would have me up and all right in a fiew weeks &C.. and said nothing more about a furlow. But continue the Pill's

12th Monday Morning after I got my Pills I went down to See the 11th Cav. Boys befor the[sic] left for Memphis found them all in great whack spent the day with them and over done my self and got worse

13th was not very well But got my Pill as right?

14th Staid in the H. and got in addition to My Pills a Bottle of Porter wine wrote a Letter Home or rather sent it

15th The same continued

16 Came down town colected some money and got my Mess things from my old Boarding House

17 Sade[sic] in my tent all day and took Pills and Powders another New addition and we cleant up our selves and I took a Baith[sic] just Before Dinner and caught cold By it.