Basil H. Messler Diary, page 52

November 22-30, 1864

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November 22nd AD 1864 Received Wood and Potatoes and also [received] 3 Letters one from MBH one from WAM and a "Copperhead" "Letter" from N.C.Grooms and so also became some what acquainted with Capt Wells C.S. Who relieves Capt W M Vogleson C.S. of the Post of Vicksburg Miss

23rd Things ware invassed[sic] to Capt Wells, C.S. and I received on his order Flour Fish & Bacon and in the evening traded a Hat for a cap with a Negro and came Home and wrote for amusement &C.. "Brother" "Jake" is on "Picket" to night Traded Pants with H.F.McCormac and contraced[sic] some Sheats with a Lady up town 3 fors[sic] so also sold a vest I just finished at 3$

24 Received Flour Bacon Hams and then went to Bed as it was Thanks Giving day and at noon got up went down to the New Orleans Resterant and got a Dish of Oysters and felt pretty good the remainder of the after noon took Supper at our New Mess and all was right &C..

25th Received Wood for Capt W M Vogleson C.S.

26th " " " " " " till noon and then Rec. Potatoes & Flour for Cap Wells C.S. and Brother Jake came in off of Picket and took Supper with me and afer[sic] spending an Hour down town I came to my room and Wrote for amusement &C.. &C..

27 Receved[sic] stores part of the time and laye[sic] in bed part of the time as I was rathere worried.

28 " " " " " " " " "

29 " " " " " " " " " went to a R L A Meting held in the church and we had a good time good speaking By Col. Howe, Maj. Dickey, 2 Chaplins & Maj. Barns and good Singing By the Glee club

30 Spent most the day on my Cot &C..