Basil H. Messler Diary, page 51

November 11-21, 1864

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11th Received flour at the Bakery

12 Saturday had a chill early in the Morning and lay in bead[sic] all the fore noon and also in the after noon went to Theater in the evening

13 Saab[sic] visited the 11 Ill Cav took Din[sic] withe Robert Linn Haspell Stewart and had a chill in the afternoon and spent the day Brother Jake visited Me in the evening

14th Monday we got the Glorious good News that Old Abe was reelected and we just more than rejoiced they was 100 rounds fired from Fort Grant at sundown and so also they kept up a constant fire all along? the lines till the earth trembled and at 7 P.M. I went to a Meting of the R.L.A. &C. and we had a good time it was almost like a camp meting[sic] as we all felt so good and we Initiated 21 Men to help us a long

16th(15th) Received some goods and Delivered empty B Bls to the river and in the eveing I wrote a letter to Daid[sic] Dughman and one to Sister Mary

16th Finished the B Bls Busnies and went in to the wood Hauling and it jamed considerable went to a meting of the R.L.A.s again and initiated 30 men

17th Worked at the wood all day But did not accomplish much as it rained all the time

18 " " " " " " " " " "

19 " " " " " " received some Potatoes in the after noon and in the evening I wrote a letter to Brother M.B.M. & one to W W Stewart while the Boys ware at the theater also washed out 5 handkerchiefs 2 towels & one pair of sock &C..

20 rose early if it was Sabeth went to my Breakfast then returned to my room then went to the River to get some Papers got 4 of Gentleman on the Steamer Niagra and then spent the Day reading the News generaly and in the evening wrote a Letter to N.C.Groom then wrote for amusement.

21st Got up some Wood out of the River and in the evening was rathe[sic] vex into a Bad Humor