Basil H. Messler Diary, page 50

November 1-10, 1864

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November 1st 1864

Nov 1st went to the Dr and was reported for Duty and at 9 A.M. was ordered to report to Capt Vogleson for Duty and Oh! how My Heart leaped with joy and it comenced ranning[sic] So I did not leave camp till after 12 and I reported for duty at 1:30 P.M. and was put to Issuing out Stores

2nd In com,sry[sic] Issuing & receiving and in the[sic] I rote a Letter to Sister Maggie & Brother Jake and one to A.H. Groom

3rd Issuing & receivin[sic] Stores all day &C..

4th T.D.Morrin Came and he issued & I received goods all day we have a good thing of it and we know it

5th Received good till ten oclock and then done nothing in the way of Business the remainder of the Day Came acrofs[sic] an old Friend Charley Thompson Clerk for Capt Gilpen C.S. in the evening rid me up a good Bed on a single Bed stid[sic] and had a good sleep

6th Sabath rose early packed till after Breakfast then took up my jacket a couple of inches till Dinner and after noon wrote a Letter to Sister Mary & one to L. Loughman and was visited By Paul Kemeser and after supper wrote a letter to Brother Ezra and then wrote for amusement an[sic] so spent the day

7 Receved[sic] flour till Dinner then wrote a letter to Wm Sparks and Received wood in the after noon

8th Rec. wood and other stores during the Day they wa[sic] 3 Boats came down

9 Rec. Stores at the Commissary and prepaired for draw day &C..

10 Delivered empty Barrells to the River and worked on a vest in the evening &C..