Basil H. Messler Diary, page 49

October 21-31, 1864

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21 Friday went to the Hospitle got some Bitters and was excused from duty and then went up town stoped occationaly[sic] and rested went to the post comissary and got 1/2 gal of Molases then went to market and 1/2 peck of Potatoes and then stoped at the 72nd Camp and took Dinne[sic] with Lieut "Schank" "Seeg" "Sparks" and others and returned to Camp accompanied By Sergt Sparks and then comenced working on My Vest and till Supper then spent the evening in stratening up My Bank account &C..

22nd went to the Dr in the morning and got excused went to the 72nd Reg in the afternoon

23 Tended Sick Call and was excused

24 " " " " " "

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26 worked on My House and was visited By Serg Sparks & Corp Lucus of 72nd and they took Supper with me &C..

27 worked some on my shanty and then quit

28th was excused from Duty and went to see the Boy[sic] of the 72nd and wrote a Letter to Sister Mary and one to N.C.Grooms and was informed that the 72nd Reg was going to leave and &C.. got Supper for Jake & Myself was excused from Duty and did not feel very good all day But was Busy..

29th Went down town and applied for a Clerk ship in the Post Commisay[sic] for myself and T.D. Morrin and ware Detailed forth with returned Home to Camp Happy to think I was going out of the camp

30 the 72nd Struck tents and I was over to see them Before they left they left at 1 P.M.

31 Mustered for Pay and then come to town and laid in a suply[sic] of provision and returned Home or to cam[sic] and mad[sic] Mush and had lots to fry for Breakfast