Basil H. Messler Diary, page 48

October 12-20, 1864

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12th was visited again By Dr. Roberts and he sent me pills at 9AM 11AM 1PM 3PM 5PM 7PM 9PM 11PM 1AM 3PM and then I was left a lone till Breakfast &C..

13th Was visited By Dr. R. and he renued[sic] the Pill Business the same as be fore and so I spent the day and night again.

14th was visited By Dr. R and sent to the Conalecent[sic] Hospitle I was down to it and returned to the Hospitle again and Laid round there all day & night

15th Came down to Quarters and spent an Hour and returned and got my Supper and then went to my Quarters to Sleep and had a good nights rest

16th rose early on the 16th and went to the Con. V.H. and eat my Breakfast and then returned to Quarters and rote a Letter to Brother J.S.M. & one to John Leaper and sent them to Illinois By Orderly Segt Gosum of 72nd and went to the H. and got all my meals through the day

17 rose early and went up to Breakfast and then returned and repaired my my[sic] vest

18 rose early went to H and got my Breakfast and was Discharged from H and excused 3 days from duty and reported to My Co. &C..and I went to see the Bys[sic] of the 72nd and spent the most of the day took Dinner with Them and had my hair cut By Corp Baise

19 They was a great stir among the Men about Digging holes in the Ground for to live in and we mooved our tent and we felt Huge after being contrained all day By the Lieut

20th all Quiet in Camp and I wrote Sister M.E.M. a Letter and was visited By Corp Lucius of 72nd and then had a good visit finished my Letter till Dinner eat dinner then read in the Tribune all the good Election News of Ohio, Ind. & elseware Then wrote a Letter to Brother W.A.M., and then went up to the Hospitle and returned the co went out on inspection at 4 PM