Basil H. Messler Diary, page 47

October 3-11, 1864

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Oct 3rd Monday rose early eat My Breakfast felt Huge[sic] wrote a Letter to Sister Lib in the Morning early then rested and hour and then wrote a Letter to N.C.G. and then got Dinner we had fride Beef Boiled Potatoes & tea a Bully good Dinner for Soldiers and riped[sic] the Stripes of of my Cavalry Jacket in the after noon and fished the color[sic] and was considerable worried so also Bought a 1/2 Bu. of Potatoes for one Dollar and 32 cts and took care of them..

4th rose early got Breakfast and red up Things and was Visited By Sergt. Sparks and had a good chat it is a very damp morning The Mist is flying and it is chilley good wether[sic] for the Ague and one Thing another of that kind it clear off about 10 A.M. and in the after noon I mad[sic] a vest out of a Cavl. Jacket and Thus spen[sic] the Day

5th Wednesday Health still Improoving and a good appetite for My Rations and spent the day in laying round &C...

6th Thursday very cool still Improving wrote a Letter to Brother R.D.M. and the days Bids fair for a fine one &C.. made a vest

7 Friday got up with the sick headche[sic] and was very sick all day took a dose of Pills and laid in Bed all day sick all night

8 and all day Saturday and kept getting worse if any adds[sic]

9 Sabath had Fever and was quite sick received a Letter from W.A.Messler and so spent the day

10 Monday went to the Hospitle and laid there all day But was wated[sic] on and &C..

11 was visited By the Dr and he gave me 8 doses of Medicin and one at 8AM 1PM & at 5PM