Basil H. Messler Diary, page 46

September 26-October 2, 1864

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26 Monday was quite Sick Took a dose of Pill's in the Morning and another at noon and the[sic] opperated most Potently and had Fever all night.

27 Tuesday Stay in my Dog tent all day quite Sick the Regg was out on Gen Review and most of them played out The[sic] kept coming in till 8 P.M. in the evening and it commenced raining at 10 P.M. and rained hard Till the Morning.

28 and I got quite wit[sic] and lay very sick all day Capt Brown was to see me and he sent Dr. James Roberts to see me But he gave me nothing so went the day had Fever all night

29 Thursday was no better Dr Mires call to see me and sent me some Huge Pills I took one of Them and that done Me Eat some Supper and went to Sleep

30 Friday felt good wrote a Letter to Mary Messler and received one from John Messler and one from Than C. Grooms Good News in Both

Oct. 1 Dr. Mires came and Looked at me again and walked of[sic] did not send me any Medicine I had a god[sic] Appetite and Joe Bennet brought me some Potatoes & Onions from town and we was Paid of[sic] IN THE AFTER NOON 4 Month Pay 64$ I also collected 10$ of Sergt Wooster and then end my Labors and retired yet I had been Staying in Bed all day

Oct 2nd Sunday and I feel pretty Stout and was visited By friend Mahlon Wood and spend an Hour very pleasantly and then I wrote some for amusement &C... Then read in a Newspaper the remainder of the day and at night had a good Supper and then retired &C.. Received a Letter from Brother Benlen[sic]