Basil H. Messler Diary, page 45

September 12-25, 1864

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12 Monday was in camp of day nothing new

13 Tuesday " " " " " "

14 Wednesday Layed in my tent all day had [a chill at night lasted 4 hours Will Sparks was to see me in the evening](crossed out)

15 in tent all day Sick and a chill 4 hours long Will Sparks was to se me &C..

16th Friday the Dr call to see me and ordered me taken to the Hospitle and was taken there at 10 A.M. and vomited considerable

17 Saturday in H.Ptle took 2 Pill & threw them up

18 Sunday in H.Ptle took 2 Pills & threw them up

19 Monday took a Powder and then another Powder and then threw them Both up

20 Tuesday still in H.Ptl. took no medicine

21 Wednesday " " " " " "

22 Thursday " " " " " "

23 Friday Discharged from the Hospitle and went to camp and fixed up a Bunk and thus spent the[sic] Some of the Com are being paid off

24 Saturday spent the day in camp quite unwell went up in the evening to H.D.Qtrs to Be paid off But was not returned and got our supper and retired it was quite Cool and Sleeping was good &C..

25 Sunday rose early Jake fried some Heart and we had a good Breakfast on Heart Honey Bread and Water as the Coffee was not good T.D.Morrin eat with us &C.. Then red up my Trunk and one thing another and Then got ready for Inspection and Then sit down and wrote for amusement This is a splendid morning and all is quiet in camp &C.. went over to the 72nd camp and then had a chill some 2 Hours long came Back to marine camp after dark and was sick all night