Basil H. Messler Diary, page 44

September 8-11, 1864

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September 8th had a grand stir in Camp Boys putting up tents and I had to moove[sic] the Comissary tent to give them room. Then Drew Bread then Beeff[sic] and then sit down to writing to Miss N.E.H.[sic] Then wrote for amusement and now Dinner is about ready and I feel as tho I could manage My Ration &C... hav eat my Dinner and rote a letter to Sister Mary E. Messler and another sheat to N.E.H. and then went on Dress Parade and was Promoted to Corporl of Co. F Marine Reg. then eat my Supper and retired. and it was very warm

9 Went out to whare they ware Building a fort took out Lieut Ellett his Breakfast and Dinner and got a Bundle of cane to make a Bed and then made My Bed and then spent the after noon Mending Jakes Pants and then over Hauld Some old Letters of "Thans" and then Burnt them and then sit down to write for amusement had no dress parade went to bed at dark got up at 9 P.M. to rolle call and was again called at at 15 minutes before one in the night to draw a gun and acouterments as they was firing going on among the Pickets and an attack expected before Morning

10 and they wanted the Marines armed if such was the case So we got them shur[sic] and In the Morning drew Rations of Bread for Saturday & Sabath and then after dinner drew ten days Rations and got rather woried and went to bed early! (Rec. a let from N R Messler & one from W. Lints) the Negros ware plased all round the Breast works and an attack was expected.

11 rose earl[sic] had Breakfast then went to the River and washed one shirt 1 pair of Pants 4 par of socks & one towell and my self then returned to Camp had Inspection of arms, clothing and Quarters The[sic] got my dinner and wrote a Letter to W W Stewart and then went on D. Rade, &C.. "Read the Bible" (in margin)