Basil H. Messler Diary, page 43

September 1-7, 1864

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September 1st 1864 Vicksburg Miss Thursday drew Ration for co F Marine Reg. which occupied the most of the day we got pleanty to do us 10 days

2nd spent the day in camp all going off quiet and Hot wrote one letter to R.A.M. and one to Dr. W.A.Messler

3rd went to the 72nd camp took My Dirty close[sic] along and Serg Sparks went with me to the wash womans and I then returned to camp in good season for my dinner Then drawed Bread for saturday and Sunday and Beef also and water for to day all at the same time or nearly as I quit one to do tother and then I set down to write for amusement and have wrote considerable and while writing they was a cloud came over about as big as a Blanket and rain fell there from and sins[sic] it has been more curren[sic] in the air it has been Suprememly Hot ever since we came to came[sic] This Camp is a Temporary Hell Girded on the east North and west By a continued range of Hills and on the South By the Bluffs of Bluff City or Vicksburg and the Sun Pours in on to us from early morn till six P.M. Then we no more can see it for the Hills so the Days are not so long as in some other Plases But they are Hot to make it up all in all it is neary Hell & thing another

4th Spent the day in camp tending to the Rations of Co. F and was visited by Sergt. Sparks in the evening.

5th Went in the Commissary Bake shop and drew Bread for the Reg. and returned went after my washing and returned, drew Beef for the Co and wrote some Letters one to Sister Mary and to Brother John went on D. Parade at 6 P.M.

6th in camp all day went on D. Par at 6 P.M.

7th In camp the Boys ware returned to camp to do do[sic] 39 in all one being sick in Hospitle and one got shot by a Negro Guard. Then drew rations for the Boys that came from the Military Prison and then we had a Wind storm and a sprinke of rain then Supper and then we got some Letters from Sister Mary and they was from Miss N.R.H. and it done me a power of good you Bet I made me a shirt and put it on. Then spent the evening in talking and we had a good time so went the day in good faith B.H. Messler