Basil H. Messler Diary, page 42

August 27-31, 1864

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The Boy's Sped[sic] all Manner of expressions and we went to camp the noisest crowd even ware in Vicksburg after in Camp we ware then Called out and reported to our respective comander's and retired Sergt N.C.G. got up and went to the Autocrtat at 11 P.M. and we had a joyous old time of it the Boy's groud[sic] for Gen Ellett Cheared for Maj Tallidy and then they used all kinds of Expresions in behalf of Officers &C..

28th Sabbath Morning appointed Commisary Sergt of the 1st Bat of Cav. to see to drawing and issuing the comamder of the Bats rations and I took 10 men and went after Bread. went to the Autocrat got my Breakfast then got the Bread returned to camp got rid of the Bread and went to the Boat and spent a Part of the afternoon Then went with the Boy's to see them Mustered out Then went to the 72nd Reg Inft got my supper and while eating we had a huge Thunder storm and I then went to camp accompanied by Sergt Sparks and soon returned, the 72nd Boys ware Guarding the Marine Reg. Bully for the Marines I then went to the 72nd camp and staid all night and it was raining considerable..

29th Return to Camp early drew Knapsack and went out out[sic] on review at 5:30 A.M. and then went to Breakfast Then I went and got a Pass, and went to the Autocrat and spent the forenoon & took Dinner with the Boys that ware wating there Discharges &C.. then drew Bread and returned to Camp and reported to Lieut Markle who exceped[sic] My Report and forth with appointed Me Commisary of Co. F. Marine Reg. and ordered the orderly to report me as snack[sic] and then all the Com's stores on hand ware turned over to me and so went the day. for the 1st time went on dress parade at 7 P.M.

30th Spent the day in camp getting things in shape then went after pay? for Cav. and divided it and then took ration to the Boys in jale

31st In Camp till 9 am, then went up town returned to Dinner Ware Mustered for pay at 2.30 P.M. lef Muster and got a team and went and got the remainder of the Cav. Bread and returned and done my last tribut to the Boy's of the 1st Bat. of Cav. M.M.B. and then retired &C..