Basil H. Messler Diary, page 41

August 17-27, 1864

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17 Wednesday 9 oclock A.M. done what all others could not do But all had a desire to do and all ware trying there best to do and I received 1740 for doing it I divided with Pard and all was sadisfactry[sic] went with Joseph Bennett to visit the Boys of the 11th Cav. got a good Dinner and had pleasant visit returned at 3 P.M. to the Boats and there spent the day

18 Thursday spent the forenoon reading for Capt O.F.B. visited the 72nd in the afternoon and took supper returned to the Boat a[sic] dark all Quiet

19 Friday spent the day reading & writing for the Capt. Co C Cav

20 Saturday spent the day reading for the Capt &C..

21 Sunday all quiet this morning writing for amusement at 10 A.M.

22nd spent the day on the Boats anxiously wating[sic] the return of the Rram[sic] Horner due from New Orleans

23rd spent the day in amusing my self on the benefit of my good nature and wating for the return of the Horner the Steamer Julia came up from N.O.eans Stating the Horner Damged in the Boilers No Dispatches all anxious to no what is what

24th The Constitution Steamer came with Dispatches

25th The M.M.B. was consolideded in to a Marine Reg and the Cav. all assigned to diffirent Co. of Inft Boy's all raising and charging raising Hell and one thing another I was taking Items[sic] Boys Petitioning the Gov. of respective states to call them Home to enable them to reinlist as Veterans &C..

26th The Capt and Men assigned to there consolidated Companies Capt.O.F.Brown was asigned to Co.C., and I was assigned to Capt C.G.Fisher Co Being Company F in the consolidated concern

27th Spent the day in getting things stratened up Packed Sergt N C Grooms Trunk and then setled up with him and we comenced mooving of[sic] of the Boat at 3 P.M. and at 6 P.M. the Balic[sic] Boy's ware arrested and 41 of one co. ware Put in jale and the Gen Com. ordered one Reg. of Inft & one of Cavs to Guard us to Camp and all was excitment