Basil H. Messler Diary, page 40

August 11-16, 1864

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and I returned to the boat and then spent a couple of Hours and had a Happy Time so was the day spent &C..

Aug 12th Friday spent in envorsing stock turning it over and turning over Arms to the Government and all Excitement as usual the day was spent in active Businis[sic]

[Aug 13] Saturday Brother Jake & I went to see the 11 Cav had a good visit and the Boys took Dinner with Bad[sic] Linn & James Marton then took supper with Jessie Shinn and had a shower of raine and returned to the Boats Found all the Boys quiet and rather low Spirited the evening was spent in consullation[sic]

14 Sabath Morning received order to leave the Boat at any Moment I then went to the 72nd and returned soon accompanied by Sergt Sparks Met Sergt Groome eat a Mellon thin[sic] Sparks & I went to See the 11th Cav had a good visit till 3 P.M. then returned to the Boat spent an Hour then Brother Jake and I accompanied Sparks Home and I took supper with Sergt Pool Thorp & Co returned to the Boats at 8 P.M. and retired

15 Monday I packed up and moved off of John Raine on Board of the Fairechilde and all confusion was about the Boat all day was visited by Sparks & Lucas of the 72nd Laid round loose all Night and had a good time with the Musketoes and got up Between 12 & 1 A.M. and eat Shugar[sic] Bread &C..

16 Tuesday done what all of the Boys of Co C & D ware trying to do and got 13.20 for doing it then went to a resterant and had a glass of milk dish of Ice cream each of us and a Pie between us all for 99 cents exc..[sic] spent the remainder of the day on the Boat went to Bed early had a Huge Thunder storm and it rained for all that was out &C.. all trying to keep dry But it was almost impossible.. ..