Basil H. Messler Diary, page 39

August 7-11, 1864

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Aug 7th Sunday had Co. Inspection in forenoon at 10 A.M. and Gen. review and inspection mounted By Maj. Gen. Dennie and we got the praise of Being in the Best order of any Co in the Batt

8th Monday spent on the Boats till 10 A.M. then rode out with Capt Brown and got some mellons returned at 1 P.M. and had Batt drill at 3 P.M. till 5 P.M.

9 Wednesday done nothing till noon run the guards to get tomatos and returned safe Then I washed up all my duty clothes 20 pieces Cht. Heaproth went Home on Furlow and took my carpet sack and left his trunk and Blankets and Bunk with me &C..

10 Thursday spent the morning in cleaning out and stratening up the things and then set down to write for amusement at three P.M.we got orders to report to Vixburg and Be Mustered out of the U.S.Service and M.M.B. is to be no more we shoved out a 5 P.M. and all excitiment we had a Dance on the way down the river and arrived at Vixburg at 8 P.M. and then helped Sergt Groom make out a Envorse roll and they was so much excitament and talk that we did not retire till 1 o'clock

11th Friday Morning opened out in excitment we turned over our arms Before Breakfast then eat Breakfast and turned over all our Horse Equipments and now 11 A.M. and all excitament yet we are the Damdest set that ever ware turned loose or to be turned loose &C.. 3 P.M. turned over our horses and more happy still we then had supper and I went up to see the 72nd boys and found them all well and up and a doing and 9 P.M. Sergt Sparks