Basil H. Messler Diary, page 37

July 24-25, 1864

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Sabath July 24 was routed up at 1 A.M. to go on a scout at 3 A.M. had Breakfast at 2 A.M. layed down a while But could not sleep fell in line at 1/2 3 A.M. Marched at 4 A.M. for Goodridges landing arrived there at 7 A.M. distance of 12 miles rested an Hour and then set out another march for Lake Providence arrived there at 12.30 rested an hour there returned to G.L. 6 P.M. fed our Horses and left there as Sun down for our camp after riding some 5 miles I got in a Wagon with the Sick head ache and arrived at Camp 10 P.M. washed took a sup of Coffee and retired after riding 60 miles all for nothing or to grathfy some cowardly Negro officers and[sic] G.L. who had heard that they was 16 Rebels at a Bayou some 16 miles from them and they called on us to reenfor[sic] them and we did go and found them to be 5000 strong in cam[sic] at G.L. and all excited to the Top Notch so to sadisfy[sic] them we had to ride 18 miles and back with out seeing any forse or any Mark of them all a d--d monkey[sic] and then after we left G.L. for our camp and got some 5 miles they came after us to counter March and go back to the G.L. as they was a Negro had come in and said he heard some firing some 18 miles from there and they ware too cowardly to take there own part G--d them But M.M.B.'s had done enough and would not return to G.L. But came on to camp all must all plaid out or Sick We distroyed all the mellon vines we came near and all other vines and did not take much care damage what we did do after being foled[sic] as we ware.

25 Monday 25 in camp all day the tug Alf.Anthny[sic] came up with the Maile at 12 noon we had Inspection at 4 P.M. By Sergt Groom then supper I then read letters from Sister Mary and Mary Whitman address to D. Morran then wrote for amussment so ended the day.