Basil H. Messler Diary, page 36

July 20-23, 1864

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20 we cleaned up our camp and prepaired[sic] to spend ten days in pease got some corn for dinner and a[sic] 5 P.M. we got orders to moove up the River further put everything on Board the Raine's Switzland and Monarch

21st and at at[sic] day light of the 21st we saddled up and marched some 10 miles and camped in a shed on the Banks of the Miss in a splendid plase we had Breakfast Dinner all together and then arranged our camp and at 7 P.M. The Flag Ship Autocrate landed & we got our Maile I got a letter from Sister May and answered it in part then retired

22 Friday Morning finished Sisters Letter Then went with Capt Brown & Lieut Dowen out forraging got to see some of the Ladies of L.A. and heard some Music and singing got a sack of Green corn and returned to camp in time to have the corn cooked for Dinner and then I sit down to write for amusement &C.. Went on picket at 8 P.M. was relieved at 10 P.M. and retired on a Ponsho on the ground near a fire whare they was pleanty of Smoke to keep of the Moskitoes &C..

23 Saturday Morning went on Post at 2 A.M. was relieved at 4 A.M. it being quite Cold I went to the fire and warmed and then went to camp to get my Breakfast returned to the reserve Post went on Picket Post at 10 A.M. and was relieved at 12 noon and went to Dinner had a good Dinner returned to the Reserve Post spent the afternoon Reading in the evening went in to a corn field and got a sack of Green corn and went to cam[sic] and was relived at[sic] from P.D. at 7 P.M. and returned to camp again and eat my supper at 8 P.M. and retire at 9 P.M. and chatted about an Hour with N.C.G. after retiring and went to sleep with the intention of getting up in the morning and writing letters all day &C.. But was fooled.