Basil H. Messler Diary, page 35

July 15-19, 1864

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and we went in pease to Grand Gulf where we camped on the Hill at 9 P.M. and all quiet

16 Saturday morning went down to the Boats changed clothes and returned to camp spent the day in running Back and forth caugh[sic] a loose Horse with Saddle & Bridle rode it to Camp and reported it and then went to see the Boys of other Reg. had a good day of it retired at an early Hour and had a good nites rest of it

Sabath Morning 17th was attacked in two plases By the Enemy at day Break we ware soon ready for them after some sharp fighting we repulsed them Killing 12 wounding 7 and took 30 Prisoners one Maj among the latter and one Col. among the former our loss was two wounded slightly we then went to our Breakfast which the Cook had about ready they attacked us while we ware a sleep in our camp yet we ware not confused and ware not going to be fooled out of our Breakfast &C.. The enemy came with the intention of capturing the M.M.B.S. But just as the[sic] did they diddent[sic] they throw in? there Guns and Revolvers and scattered in all directions So we had the Sabath badly bent if not Broken before Sun rise &C.. we spent the day there among the hills and at 11 P.M. we went aboard of the Boats and shoved out for Vixburg

18 Monday morning got on the river running up I done up my washing as I had quite a lot of dirty clothes on hand I washed 5 shirts 5 towels 2 pair of pants 3 pairs of socks & 4 handkerchiefs considerabl[sic] of a washing 19 pieces in all arrived at Vixburg at 12 noon and spen[sic] the remainder of the day on the Boat

19 Tuesday got a Pass went out and visited the 11th Cav (after spending an Hour on the Boat with Sergt Sparks) had a good time with the 11th Boys took Dinner with Bob Lim? Jim Dine & Jim Morton at the Hopt. Table and then spen an Hour or so more and then see they was some commotion among the Fleet so I went to see what was what and at 3 P.M. we shoved out and run up to Mithlrens? Bend and disembarked with 10 days ration in the Brush up to our eyes then retired for the night amid cusses and threats desires and wishes &C &C.. .. .. .