Basil H. Messler Diary, page 34

July 13-15, 1864

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got a good Dinner or Supper rather and had all the Music Pounded out of the old Piana I wished and chatted with the women without ceaseing and after the rear came up I went on leasurly[sic] and after the rear came up I went on leasurly we had the Maj. of the 1st Miss Cav Kill near Utice we took 6 Prisoners also at Utica Crossed the Big Sandy at 6 P.M.and over took our Batt and fell in to ranks again and at Rock Springs was Detailed to help get rations got rations Hooked two chickens of a Negro teamster or Q.M. or some one els[sic] and went on to camp with two teams had a Devill of of[sic] a time getting up the Hills got in to camp at 10 P.M. retired after eating an apple

July 14 Thursday got up at 4 A.M. and eat a hasty Breakfast of chicken and coffee and ware in line again on the roat[sic] to Port Gipson was Detailed to Carry Water for Co. C. had pleanty of leasure time and lots of good things to eat eat[sic] My Dinner at Mr. Watsons 6 miles from P.G. got to P.G. at 2 P.M. went in to town a head of the Batt had a good time was call Maj By all who I met and was met By many especialy Ladies who wished to have Guards &C.. we went in to cam[sic] at 5 P.M. South of town got supper had Butter that cost three $ per lb and eggs that cost two $ ter Doz and pleanty of corn and a Huge supper and pleanty of Peaches to eat between times at 9 P.M. I went to Mr. Browns and had 3 canteens filled with Water for Breakfast then retired.

15 Friday all quiet in camp went to town and then was sent back by the P.G. and got a Blanket full of roster eears[sic] and had a big mess of corn for dinner and at 1 P.M. the assembly sounded and the allarm came that the Pickets ware drove in Co. C was the 1st Co out in line had quite a little fight and repulsed the enemy and we marched to Gray Gulf and after crossing the Bayou the enemy comenced firing in the rear we ware ordered back gave them a couple of vollies and they disappeared