Basil H. Messler Diary, page 33

July 10-13, 1864

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Sabath 10 of July done up our morning works and then was visited by Rev. Mr. Havermale and looked the boat over and then he left for home in Ill. we had Inspection at 10 A.M. and Dinner at 12M. and at two we heard the Bugle sound Boots & Saddles and at 1/2 2 P.M. we ware out in line and then we were Blessed By a fine refreshing shower which laid the dust complecpe[sic] at 5 P.M. we left Vixburg for Black River arrived at the Black R. camp at 12 oclock at night and retired after feeding and ware aroused at 3 1/2 A M of Monday

Monday July 11th and soon in to line and then Marched on crossed the River on a Pantoon Bridge and went on to Champion Hills and then rested a Hour or more and then in to line again marched all day got a shot at some rebels and we camped in the woods at 5 P.M. after marching 30 miles and had a good Supper made a shelter out of Ponshows and turned in at 7 P.M. and it comenced Raining and we had quite a heavy rain we had a good dry Bed and slept well.

Tuesday 12th we Marched at 7 A.M. and marched all day on till 2 P.M. and then we camped in the woods near Utice[sic] and the Broom House was sacked By the Soldiers and Miss B. choose me for her Body Guard and I had a good time it also rained that evening we had a good Supper I made a rase[sic] of 2 Hams at B. and we had a rainy night of it and I got quite wet

13th and we ware up at Sunrise in the morning of the 13 and had Breakfast layed round till 8 A.M. then went to see Miss B took Breakfast with her at 9 A.M. She then Plaid several Southeren Tunes and a fiew Northeren ones for me on the piana I went back to camp again and spent an Hour with My old Firend[sic] William Arnold and then we formed in to line and marched on Towards Rock Spring at 3 P.M. I was left by Maj. Mumford to Guard the Southeren Female College and the Women that ware there &C..