Basil H. Messler Diary, page 32

July 5-9, 1864

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July 5 spent the day on the Boats and had Inspection at 4 P.M. By Srgts Grooms & Boarer and so we spent the day. went over to see the Boys & Mr. Dean an the Dam? and spent 2 hours &C...

Wednesday 6 was on Polise duty till 8 A.M. then saddled up and went out after cattle drove in some 50 head shot what we wanted I cut there throats and then shot three for the Negros then had dinner and laid round the Boats till evening got a Letter from Sister May & Answered it and at 8 P.M. we shoved out and we retired

July 7 and at 3 in the Morning of the 7 and at at sunrise we ware out again in line I in the advance of our Co. and our Co in the advance of the Brigade and we ware of[sic] for Port Gipson when we got with in a mile and a Half of town they comenced firing on us and we pressed them in to town and then charged in to the town some 20 of us comanded By Lieut. Edd. Ellott had one man mortaly Wounded we Killed a Reb. & took one Prisoner and then promenaded around throug[sic] the Streets and then returned to the boats at 3 P.M. I then went to the Peach orghard and some some P. and returned to the boats had supper and a fine rain at 5 P.M. so went to 6th[sic] day of July &C. 1864

8th Friday at Grand Gulf all day and nothing going on received orders to be ready to go on a 3 day scout and retired But we received orders to report to Vixburg so we did in do time

9th arrived at Vixburg at 8 1/2 A.m. received orders to be ready at a moments warning to go and reenforce Gen Dennis at Black River whar he had been repulsed on the 6th of July went up to see Marion Havermale spend an Hour with him and then went to the 72nd Ill Reg. spent the afternnon with the Boy's rote a Letter to Allen Sparks & wife and returned to Boat at 7 P.M. went on Board the Sultina and spent the evening with Marion Havermale in Social Chatting Then went to the Raine at 9 P.M. and retired after talking to Sergt Grooms and Hour or more &C..&C..