Basil H. Messler Diary, page 29

July 26-July 2, 1864

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26 Sabath 26th after Guard Mount we rode out over Harris'es Bluff to the ruins of an old plantation and returned to the Boat at noon we got all the fruit we could eat and more too and at 6 in the evening we steamed up and run down then to the Miss. and then to Vixburg where we landed at 9 P.M. then retired after reading a couple Letters Jake got from Home

27 Monday 27th Mooved every thing off the Boat and spent the day in cleaning the Boat and all was confusion and Swearing generaly I wrote a letter Home in the evening so also one to E.F.Messler

Tuesday 28th Still cleaning the Boat and was Detailed to go after rations to the Autocrat went over the river in one of the tugs so also I got a Letter from Mrs. W.W.Stewart and answered it in the evening and had quite a rejoicing over a letter from Hannah and then retired

29 Wednesday 29 Spent the day on the on the Boat with the exception of an Hour spent in riding around in Co. with Sergent Swift it being very hot I did not amuse my self much in reading or writing or in doing any thing else &C..

30 Thursday we cleaeaned[sic] up my arms and went out to be Mustered for Pay and at 1/2 9 A.M. & returned at 11 A.M. and had Dinner and I was then put on Polise and worked an hour and a half and had lots of fun and then I sit down to write for amusement it being very warm Brother & I took a walk after Supper and return at 8 P.M.

1 July 1st got a pass went cross the River on a tug and then went to the 72nd Reg Ill Boy's there stent[sic] the day took Dinner with Segt. Powell and had a heavy rain in the after noon took Supper with Lieut Schant and Sergts Starks Baise & Gorum and then I started again for my Home the John Raine crossed the River from the Autocrat to the Dianna and then then down to the River to old John

Saturday 2nd layed around all day on the Boat Crossed the River at 2 P.M. took on some wagons got a pass went to the Christian Community See firend[sic] HaverMale and returned to the Boat at 5 P.M. eat my supper wrote a letter to Sister Mary and at sundown we shoved out and run down the river &C..