Basil H. Messler Diary, page 28

June 25, 1864

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the advantage of the occation and in co. with some 40 more after getting permition we started to an Orchard which was in about a 1/2 mile off But after leaving the Boat we found that that 1/2 mile was lengthened out at least 3 times so far and they was a Bayou that we could not cross therefore we Undertook to suround it But in day's of Rebledom they had fallen all the trees that ware on the ground in every direction and of its self was almost imposible for man to get through But as it had growen up with weeds & vines till the logs could not be seen it was the cause of many of us having sore shins But as I was in the advance of the center I was bound to not be out flanked by any of the party There fore I pressed about half passed double quick time and by so doing I kept the center a little ahead and I gained the Crossing of the Bayou first and assended the opposit Hill and then looked to see how many ware with me yet we No 3 out 40 that started I soon pressed on and gained the Peach tree first and Broth J.R. 2nd we found the Bluffs well fortified and in the Orchard ware the Moderen Earth works with a stake of a piece of Board at each end to mark it those earth works ware quite extencive and it reminded me of Cemetery Hills in the North we then waded in to Peaches Apples Pears Figs and last But no least ware Blackberries which attracted our attention some what and then one of our Party discouved a path and sugested that led to a Spring and by that we set out in Hunt of the much desired fluid that we then stood much in need of and we found water running in a small rivulet at the foot of a steap Hill and then we Made Boy's of our selves and prostrated our selves and drank of the clear water which was prattling of over the pebbles at will and then we returned to the orchard and then we worked our way Back to the Boats got to the River a Bove the Bayou and was met By some of the Boys in a yawl and we crossed to the Boats much rejoiced Bearing with us each about a 1/2 Bushell of Apples and a fiew[sic] Peaches and all in all had a good time the Boat run down a mile &C.. we had a Pie for supper and I wrote some and then retired &C.