Basil H. Messler Diary, page 27

June 21-25, 1864

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I then got two Books out of the Libray and 4 papers and went on towards Home stopd at 11 Cav Camp took supper at Allen Thomases request then came on Board the John Raine and wrote some more in my letter and then done my chewers and retired &C.. &C..

Wednesday 22nd wrote Letters in the fore noon to N.R.M. D.B.S. of 7 Reg. Ill. Cav. read some in Beachers Star papers also in some I got from the C.C. in the after noon had Mr. Lin & Mr. Morton as visitors Spent time very pleasantly with my old Friends as we ware under orders to leave so I did not leave the Boat during the day. Wrote a letter to Friend Lintz in the evening then retired But was amazed By The Miskitoes for the first time in the season But I managed to Bar against them Promptly

Thursday 23rd we Steamed up in the morning and at 8 A.M. we shoved out run up the Yazoo River to Sniders Bluff till noon after Dinner We Mounted our Horses went to a plantation & an old mill some 5 miles of[sic] got 2 Cunt[sic] Hooks and returned stopping by the rode side and eat Blackberries so[sic] 10 or 15 minutes and then came on to the Boats This is a rafting expedition as we are guarding a Boat that is engained[sic] in getting out old rafts that were used to Blocade[sic] the River once after supper Brother and I went on the Huricane Deck and read Letters Then I wrote on a letter till dark addressing it to Brother E.T.M. and so I spent the day

Friday 24th had a late Breakfast considerable cussing heard from Members of the Mess. I was reading and did not pay much attention to how things ware going I am on Guard to day went on 3 relief and wrote Letters or read between times was on guard from 7 till 9 P.M. and while on J.A.Smith brought me 3 Peaches which ware nise and ripe They being the first I had this season

Saturday 25th we Steamed up the river nearly to the mouth of the Sunflower River and run Back again opposing Harris's Bluff and then they took on wood all the after noon and it was quite warm and I took