Basil H. Messler Diary, page 26

June 17-21, 1864

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17th Friday quite warm I covered a trunk and also put hinges on it that took the most of the day and in the evening Sergt N.C.G. and I went up town took a dish of Ice Cream strolled around till 8 P.M. returned to the Boats and retired.

[18] Saturday was on guard after Guard Mount went out and visited the 11th Reg. Ill. Cav. found some half dozen Boys I knew went on Guard at 11 A.M. and at 1 P M went on shore again and in like maner I spent the evening on shore with 11th Cav Boys

19 Sabath had Inspection at 9:30 A.M. Spent the remainder of the fore noon in reading and after dinner went out visiting among the 72nd Boys took Supper with Sergt. Schank then went to witness dress parad and then returned and then went to Church with Sergt.s Sparks & Baise and heard My first Sermond in Dixy Then went to the Boat

20 Monday Very excruciating and on Board till after dinner reading Then at 2 P.M. was detailed to cross the River on the tug with 5 men to get Hay then returned at 4 P.M. read a couple chapters in Testament and had a nise[sic] shower of rain at 4.30 P.M. done chewers and then wrote some for amusement and as Supper is about ready and I am through writing I close to do justice to my stomacher &C.. we have been laying her at Vixburg one week repairing &C.. 5:20 P.M. Jake and I got a pass and went out to visit the 11 Cav Boys found friend Morton quite unwell then made acquaintence with their Chaplin and made arrangements to go up to the Christian Commition[sic] in the morning &C..

21st Tuesday according to agreement fixed up and went up town with the Chaplin to the Cht. Com. There I found my old Reveren Friend Marion Havermale and we spent the time in a good old stile and at 11 A.M. I went up to the 72nd took dinner with Sergt Pool and then wrote a letter to Sister Mary and then Sergt Sparks and I went to the Cht Com spent an Hour with Friend Havermale