Basil H. Messler Diary, page 25

June 11-16, 1864

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June 11 at 6:30 A.M. started for the Boats came on By the old camping ground and then the swamp and Ferry and at the ferry I mad[sic] some Mush on a couple Clabbord and fried in in[sic] an Iron heator and it was good Then went over the Boge[sic] on the Ferry Boat and fell in line again and ware soon on our journey again and it had been raining all Morning and continued to all day we got to the Boats at sun down amidst loud chears from all on board and was echoed back from the glad raids of the different Cos in the 3 days we accomplished all we under took we got 123 Horses and Mules some 70 Negros Burned one Steam Boat and destroyed 4 Stores and some of the Boy[sic] made Quite a raise in money and nearly every one brought in some thing that would come handy on the Boat to sleep on or eat out of or ware in some way &C..

12 Sabath Morning all quiet and all at Greenville cleaning arms and at 1 P.M. we set out for Vixburg I wrote a Letter to W.W.Stewart and retired befor the lamp was lit in the evening (had inspection at 4 PM)

13 Monday Morning Arrived at Vixburg at 9 A M and Willam Sparks call to see me spen an Hour and then we run across to the coal groun and went to coaling I spent the day in reading &C..

14 Tuesday read all the fore noon in the Testament wrote a Letter to Than Norris and Dalphus[sic] and also one to Mary E. Messler went to Vixburg in the evening to the Theater returned at 11 P.M.

15th Wednesday read a while in the morning and then wrote some for amusement &C.. at 12 oclock noon we run across to Vixburg went town and visited the 72nd Boys took Dinner at 3 P.M. with Sergt Pool and took supper with Sergt Sparks at 5:30 P.M. Came on Board the Boat at 9 P.M.

16 Thursday Morning helped the Orderly Moove also Mooved my selve and helped fit up a Room for The orderly and My self (and) also and put Carpet on it some that I got out on a raid went uptown got some tacks and returned all quiet during the evening