Basil H. Messler Diary, page 24

June 10, 1864

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June 10 During the Night of 9 our Patrolls came across a Plantation whare the had a danze in full blast and they went down on them got 10 Confederate Soliars[sic] and two citizens and some 20 Horses & Musls[sic] and 3 or 4 Negros so also 4 more Prisinors at an adjoining house in all making a good thing of it All came in to camp in the morning

10 Friday Morning all routed at 3:30 A.M. and at day light ware of[sic] again Bound for Big Sunflower River so 8 miles after going 3 miles we came to the plase whare the Dance was I was there detailed to lode some teams with Meal Bacon and all other eatibles I could find they was pleanty of Every Thing after dividing with the Widow and loading one team we ware relieved by a Party come for that purpos so then spent some time with the Ladies and then went on Met the Brigade comming Back fell in our plases returned stopped again to see the Ladies one gave Me a piece of Pound Cake then rode on and took my Plase in line we then struck out for to hunt a Steam Boat which the Confeds had run up Sunfower[sic] River to get it out of our way (it was a) we found it about 3 P.M. it was the U S Maile[sic] Steamer E. H. Mairs the Gen. ordered it sen[sic] on fire which was soon done and it distroyed and we also dimolished another store we then fell back to with in 3 miles of whare we camped the night befor in Sunflower County and Sunflower Parrish (the) But just befor nigh[sic] I was thrown from My Horse in to a Bayou and got all wet and it had been raining all day yet I was till I got in the Bayou went on Picket at 11.30 P.M. and came in at 3.30 A.M. and all ware ready to moove[sic] every thing went of at this encampment much like It did the night Befor only I think they was more Squalling among the chickens and of cors more chicken for supper & Breakfast and we got some Negros here and found lots of things that came good to the Boss such as Tobgo[sic] and such like