Basil H. Messler Diary, page 23

June 7-9, 1864

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and returned at 4 P.M. got our chewers done and at 8 P.M. started out on a scout with 4 boys and we charged on a gang of Beehives and each one got a gum? Mine proved to be the only good one we got about 40 of good Honey Changed close and went to Bed At night the townes of Columbia and Senna ware Burned

8 Wednesday steamed up at 8 A.M. rundown to Greenville had Inspection of arms at 4 P.M. and mad[sic] ready for a 2 day scout and then wrote a Letter to Father and retired.

9 Thursday ware routed up at 3 1/2 A.M. and at 6 A.M. we ware out and ready for action and ware soon of[sic] Co. D taking the advance and we in the rear of our Batt and then 2nd Wis. Boy's and then came in our Mounted Inf. we ware going out to make a rade for Horses & Mules & Negros and we went on meting with success all the way as we passed taking Horses Mules & Negros from the plows in the Fields and many ware the plows and harness that ware lef Negros left and Mule left and at 12 M. we haulted to water our horses while so doing we distroyed a store and ransacked a large House &C.. then Crossed Deer Creek and war soon on Some Pickets formed in to line of Battle But all passed of[sic] into line again we rode on some five Miles through Cane Brakes & Swamps till we came to Bogeshah[sic] Ferry at 2 P.M. There we found an Irishman and two Negros and about a dozen Mules quite a prise we had them Ferry us over the river and at 4 P.M. we were accross and ready again we then rode 10 miles through the most ungodly swamp ever man trod we ware the first Union Soldiers ever in that part of the Country we got through the swamp and in sight of a house at 6 P.M. and soon ware in the yard and ready to dismount for the night and no sooner dismounted than chickens commenced to squall I cooked 7 young ones for supper and 3 old ones for Breakfast. and we had a good time I laid under a huge white oak tree on a green blanket that night with my over cote on &C..