Basil H. Messler Diary, page 22

June 4-7, 1864

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U.S.Steamer Adams and found her well ridded[sic] and well stained with Blood andfragments of the dead then returned to the John Raine Eat my dinner and while so doing we shoved out and had run up to the Bend in the River before I was done went out and the River was full of Boats of the 16th & 17 Army Corp's and the M.M.B. the Raine run By 4 other Boats in 30 Minutes I then returned to my room to resume my reading &C.. Nothing of importance took plase during the evening

5 Sabath Morning Still running up the River Show[sic] and Steady and at 4 P.M. we tied up near fords landing and we went out to reconorter amd was soon fired into returned the fire and pressed on to the enemy Drove them a cross a Bayou there Killed one of them drove then some two miles Killed one of them drove them some two miles further throwed some shell and By that time it was dark so we retired to the Boats in good order

6 Monday we went out in full force and was met near the same plase[sic] By a stronger force and soon put them to flight drove them in like manner till they came to a woods where the made a stand and we dismounted and went on double quick and soon routed them and pressed them out of the woods They took shelter behind a levy but did not keep it we drove them on and carried the day our loss in the M.M.B. was two Men wounded and Gen Smith Brigade had 27 Killed and 98? wounded we captured there wounded. and camped at Lake Village and ransacked the town of all the eatibles and everything els

7 and in Morning of the 7 Tuesday the town was seen on fire and Burned and we came on unmolested to the Boats at Senny[sic] & Columbia went aboard at 11 A.M. took dinner. Killed and dressed 27 head of cattle that we drove in and at 2 P.M. we were called out in line on the levy to feed??