Basil H. Messler Diary, page 20

May 30-June 2, 1864

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30th of May was aroused this morning By the Boat running across the River to Coal done my chewers then wrote a letter to Cousin John Messler of Ipary[sic] we run back to the Visxburg side of the River at 2 P.M. I then wrote a letter to William Bbds[sic] of the 47 Ill. Reg. But found out that had been taken Prison a fiew[sic] days before leaving Red River and after Supper I was passed off By Catp[sic] Brown went down the River and visited the 119th Reg. Ills Cal, and found sevral of my old aquantences James Sutton returned with Me to the Boat and at 8:30 P.M. shoved out and run up to Millekens Bend

(31) and in The Morning put a Shor[sic] the Negro Reg that We carried with us and at 5 P.M. we shoved out and run up to Goodridgeslanding[sic]. Spent most of the day in Readind[sic] Stanley's Amusements or Betting to cont the game Nothing of importance occured during the day

Wednesday June 1st 1864 at Goorideslandindg[sic] all quiet spent Thurday[sic] in reading at 11 A.M. shoved out and run down the River at 4 P.M. had envors[sic] of Arms and at 6 P.M. we landed at Vixburg and at 7 P.M.went a shore and visited the 72 Reg Ill went with them to the Rive[sic] and went in Swimming heavy thundering going on at the time in the South and prospect for rain came up through town got glass of sody water and returned to the Boat and retired.

2nd Thurday Morning run over to the cole ground to cole got a Pint of Dewberries and eat them roasted and put on clean close from head to foot &C.. then set down and wrote a letter to Sister Maggie & one to Friend William Link of McDowney County and then eat one of the Best Dinners I ever had to eat South of Mason & Dixon line then we run across to the Vixburg side of the rive and I wrote a letter to Brother John. Then Bough a Pater of N.D.[sic] 31 cts.