Basil H. Messler Diary, page 1

February 27-29, 1864

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Memarandum of Events of Basil H Messler's term in the U.S. Ser Arrved in Davenport on the 27th day of February. Put up at the Penn. House and took Dinner and then I went to Lieut Walthams Recruiting office and made out My Inlistment papers in Dupicates and then got permistion[sic] of a furlow and was examined by Dr Church and pass examination Then got the Agt, to excep them and got an order to go to Camp McClelands. But did not go that evening went to the theater and then returned to the Hotell and took room No 69 in co. with Sergts Grooms & Allsop.

Sabath Feb. 28th
Spent the day in stroling round town in co. with Sergts Grooms & Randolp and went to church that evening and returned to Hotell Roomed in No. 7

Monday Feb. 29th Was mustered in to the Servis of the U.S. for 3 years if not sooner Discharged by Lieut W. H. Harboth of the U S. Regulars in Camp McCleland at 12 o'clock returned to Hotell got My Dinner got an order on the town of Davenport and Drew a Local Bounty got a Sky Blue vest and a large trunk and Strolled round town that night or evening rather till ten oclock &C.. then retired on an old settee in The Gents room in the Hotel with one Shall[sic] for a bed and another for a covering But I was then a Soldier and it was good enough, as I may as well comence to hard use age then as any other time as the Hotell was More than Crowded and some _____? [Note: corner of page missing]