Basil H. Messler Diary, page 19

May 25-29, 1864

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Wednesday 25 after doing my chewers in the morning went to the Dewbery patch and got all the berries I could eat and then bought a gallon & quart and returned to the Boat and after dinner was on polise[sic] 2 hours then done my evening chewers &C.. The Steamer Mariner came up along side and I sent to Letters to Vixburg on her got no News of any importance and thus passed the day all quiet &C..

Thursday 26 came out to roll call was informed that we would go on a Scout after Breakfast and at 6:30 A.M. we ware of[sic] rode till 12 noon Cap[sic] of S.C. accompanied us we see some splendid plantations that had gone to ruin and distruction on account of the war

27 Went out in the Morning on the in side of Lake Brnen[sic] after cattle drove up a lot selected out two and drove them on had a spat of Fun one of the Boys get in the Bayoo and got his Horse down lost one of the cattle near the Boat shot the other took Dinner Co went out on a scout I wrote a letter to W.A.Messler & one to Mary L. Whitemore and the Steam[sic] War Eagle came long sid[sic] at 8 P.M. and got our Mail and at 9:30 P.M. the Autocrat came down and brought the mail none for me.

Saturday 28th went out again after cattle again and drove in some 20 and they were killed and divided among the 3 Boats John Raine Autocrat & Fairchilds went out Berry hunting and got all I could eat Brother John and T.D.Moran was with me after eating all we wished we picked a Gallon or more it was sprinkling all the afternoon Spent the evening in reading.

Sabath 29th Wrote at a Letter till ten oclock then went on Inspection of arms took a short drill on foot returned to the Boat eat dinner resumed my writing at 2 P.M. we left Ashwood Landing Bound for Vixburg arrived there at 8:20 P.M. Then N.C.G. and I eat a can of Peaches and I finished My Letter and retired at 10 P.M. &C..