Basil H. Messler Diary, page 18

May 21-24, 1864

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Saturday May 21st Vixburg went to market got some lettis[sic] raddishes[sic] and Bread returned to the Boat. William Sparks came in soon Eat Dinner with me then I went up town with him got my Hair cut and if the Barber had not run out of Hair he would of done a good job went to 72nd Camp spent a coupld Hours Then returned to the Boat wrote a letter to James T. McDonald eat Supper Grooms much Better got some Tea for him when up town at 8 P.M. 25 men came aboard of the Boat who blong[sic] to the U.S.A.&.N.S.C. from the city of Washington

Sabath Morning Vixburg May 22nd all quiet and pleasant red up my Trunk and Sunk some things in the Botom of it not to be reserected During the war then went out on Inspection then wrote letter to N.R.M. 7th Ill. Cav. so also one to Miss N.R.E.H. of Young America then eat Dinner took a chat with U.S.A.&.N.S.C. then came to my Room found Robert Harper ant Brother Jacob Chatting ETC. I then wrote a Letter to James T. McDonald of Bushnell and in theven[sic] about dark we run acrofs[sic] the river and left our cole barge and 9 P.M. we started down the River and some time in the night tied up &C..

Monday Morning 23 got up found that we ware tied up at a Nigro[sic] Pen commonly known as the Ashwood Landing. Got all the dew Berries that I could eat and have made in to pies and the Battallion went out on a Scout I had a Severe Headache all day.

Tuesday 24 felt good yet my Head ached some and at 8 A.M. the call for Boots and Saddes[sic] was sounded and I Harkened unto it and was soon out got in the 1st platoon wrode[sic] all day we surrounded Lake Built 3 Briges over Bayoos and run in to St. Joe. at 5 P.M. got supper on Board the Boats as they had run down there during the day steamed and run Back up to the Nego[sic] Pens that night passed Grand Gulf at sun down and tied up at 10:30 P.M. at Ashwood &C..