Basil H. Messler Diary, page 15

May 12-14, 1864

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But Co. C was called out to scout and the Rolls ware laid away and just as got done eating my dinner one of the co. came in and reported that the Rebels had attacKed Co. C. &C.. a part of them were cut of and we made a grand ralley every man sick or well was up and doing I had on my rid[sic] and old Gray Bill out in line in short meter alth[sic] I was in Bed when the News came and had been most of the day But Than was out and I wanted to see after him and as we ware going out through town the Boy's all came in no one hurt Than went in to Battle with 16 men and came out with 9 and two of them had no armes But the part of his forse[sic] that ware cut of would not surender but cut there way out and came round through the Swamps to the Boat and ware the first to report. The other boys stopping to fight -----------? detained them considerable they killed 2 or 3 Rebs and some of there horses but none had a man no Horse touched and Bullets whistled all about them. after meting them we returned to the Boats. Put up our Horses and went out to receive them on foot as they were in the outskirts of the City we walked 1 1/2 in less than no time clum high Bluffs but all in vain they had skedadled and returned to the boats and I was about plaid out as I had not been 100 yds. from the boat in 4 days. after supper I took a walk up town went to the court house got some Paper then as I returned stoped in a Drug store and got a Holy Bible Large New Testament and 2 other books got a pitcher of water and returned to the boat just in time to hear Lieutenan[sic] Barton cussing that he could not find any of Co. C. on the boat sick or well Than came in read a few chapters in the Bible for my benefit and his we then retired for the night &C..

Friday morning 13th not feeling so good worsened myself to much yesterday was not around much was of[sic] the boat for a pitcher of water. The boys all went out on a scout Beyond Benton They left at 2 P.M. I was quite sick in the afternoon and eavening[sic] The boy's all came in at 2 oclock in the morning of 14. Saturday 14 felt much better wrote a letter to E.F.Messler in the forenoon and Brother Jake and I went out to see the 11th Ill Cav. Boy's that ware in town But could not