Basil H. Messler Diary, page 14

May 7-12, 1864

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relief and he and I went and got some more Milk and setled for the whole amount which cost 50 cts in Yankey Money being all the kind they could use we ware then relieved and ordered to return to the boat we we[sic] arrived at 8 P.M. got supper and retired.

Sabath morning the 8 of May all bright and fair and yet[sic] at Liverpool all went of quiet till 10 A.M. and as we ware getting ready to go on inspection we ware ordered to Saddle up. I was the first one out and we then ware soon of[sic] on a Sabath morning ride Destination I New not whare Only it was in search of the Main Army But after riding some 12 miles we met a quad[sic] of men from the Main Army bringing Dispatches to the Boat. we met at a Plantation and ware not long drinking all the milk and eating all that was eatible and then we returned to the boat's again at 4 P.M. and Immediately Steamed up the River to "Yazoo"City" at which place we Landed at 6 P.M. all quiet Shelled Some Rebels as we came up the River they Skedadeled &C.. I took the Colery Morbus[sic] and was quite sick all night

Monday morning the 9th Not able to be out kept close to my room

Tuesday 10th was spent in my room quite sick

Wednesday 11th was up and about on the boat all day and in the evening I walked out and got a pitcher of Cistern water to Drink being the first attempt I had made to leave the Boat. and was not long aboard the Boat again till all was called to arms as the Rebels ware Fortifying in site of our Pickets But I did not stir as I was about plaid out and told Than to let me know when they attacted so I could go out to But we ware not attacted at all &C..

Thursday morning 12th all quiet and I eat a Lite Breakfast and fult[sic] very good considering that I had not eat any thing since Sabath that staid on my stomach all had to come up that went down and apart of it wanted to come up. at 8 A.M. the Autocrat came out She bing[sic] the Flag ship of M.M.B. and we comenced to sine the pay rolls at 1/2 9 A.M. &C..