Basil H. Messler Diary, page 13

May 4-7, 1864

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Wednesday 7[sic] landed at Vixburg at sun rise wrote two Letters one to Brother W A and one to Brother A.D. and in the afternoon took a ridd[sic] up town visited the 17th Reg Ill's Boys spent two Hours with my old friend William Stockdale no[sic] Lieunt had a good visit returned to boat at 4 P.M. after supper went up town in Company with Sergt Hacelman got some dried fruit for our Mess which we started this day &C..

Thursday 5th yet at Vixburg Left Vixburg at 12 noon on the Yazoo Expedition run up to the Big Sunfowr[sic] then up to a town on the Yazoo 90 miles from Vixurg[sic] we tied up at 9 P.M. at Satarsia and the Bugle sounded Boots & Saddle and there was a grand rally to the stable But we did not go out as they was a co. came in from the Main Army with Dispatches for us so ended the Night and all was quiet On the Morning of the 6th we steamed up the river to Liverpool Landing and at 1/2 6 we ware call to sadde[sic] up and we went out on a Scout and returned at 8 A.M. did not discover anything. at 1 P.M. we again came out and ware ready to March when they[sic] was a Squad of Men of the 5th Ill. Cav. came in and reported and gave us our orders and we accompanied them some 6 miles in the country there we left Co. A on picket and we returned to the boat at 6 P.M. got Supper and I retired. But we ware called to arms at 8 P.M. caused by the Black Yankys that ware on picket fireing But I soon retired again rose at the sound of the bugle in the morning of the 7th Done my chewars[sic] such as seeing to my Horse and eating My Breakfast and at 8 A.M. mounted our Horses to go out on picket to relieve Co.A. found Co.A well fortified and the "Fort" named after the C. Com.d "Wathan" Stood picket from 10 A.M. till 12 Noon then went to a House got to[sic] Canteens of Milk had it charged to the Col. eat my Dinner with Col. and went on picket as 1/2 2 P.M. and staid on till 1/2 4 then the Col. came with