Basil H. Messler Diary, page 11

April 21-28, 1864

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Thurday 21st at Vixburg on guard today the Adams & Diannd came up from below this afternoon took a walk uptown with T.D.M. J.R.M. gathered flowers[sic] and returned with a recrut[sic] for C. A Inft

Friday 22nd went uptown font[sic] Friend Sparts[sic] at the Court House went to camp with Him took dinner with him and 2 Lieutenants 6 Srgts returned to town see them pumping water out of a cistern suposed to have money in &C... returned to Boat at 4 P.M. done chewers eat Supper took walk uptown returned wrote Letter to Home and to R E H retired &C...

Saturday 23 at Vixburg John Negley called to see me not very well troubles The Military necessity caused from drinking Miss. water so Said Sabath 24 at Vixburg all quiet except the Necesity made me restless &C.. Monday 25 left Vixburg in the evening runn down the river to Carthage rather the worse of the ware on accont of the Necesity no taking medsen left Carthage ran down to a plase where they ware some Negro troops there tied up for the night Wednesday 27 ran down to Grand Gulf then the Co C & D took a short scout for forage found none I was not so well to day did not leave the Boat. Thursday 28th run down to St Joe then Co's C & D took a Scout for Corn and got two Lodes returned before Dinner Two Boys robed a citticen and were arrested one turned Evidence and reveal the one that concealed the goods and they ware put in Irons for Gods Sake &C.. This evening the Fairchildes came down and Brought us forrage &C.. Rations and Had Co's A & B Cav. on her &C.. I was improving slowly But not able to do any thing not even see to my Horse &C...